Make a difference

Making a difference has never been more important. By becoming a mentor (or as we like to say, ally) you’ll be giving someone else a chance – a chance to kickstart their business dreams.
Become an Ally

why become an ally?

  1. It’s about social capital, opportunities, and the need to do better. The world is changing, with a generation of avant-garde entrepreneurs ready to contribute to that change. To do that, they need your help and support.
  2. In return, our entrepreneurs will give you something money can’t buy: the chance to effect actual, positive change – to be part of a reconfiguration of our economy.

What’s EXPECTED OF Allies

To truly make an impact, we’re asking for at least two (2) hours of your time a month. It’ll give you an opportunity to talk to our entrepreneurs, to help them make sense of key business issues.

It’s also time to learn

It’s also time for you to learn, to open yourself to a new experience – and to be inspired by an amazing group of entrepreneurs.

“If a young person doesn’t have a plan, society will create one for them.”

– Duro Oye, Founder, 2020 Change & Levels Trustee

NOW is the time for you to use your skills and experience to make a difference.

Join us