Why are we doing this?

We believe there is a wave of highly-skilled, creative and overlooked entrepreneurs, with the ability to build a stronger economy. 

To be overlooked is to be denied opportunities in various aspects of life and business.  In the UK, Black and other ethnic minorities receive just 0.24% of capital funding in the UK; 25% of businesses fail in their first year. For overlooked entrepreneurs, that percentage is even higher; and when it comes to funding, only 1% of Black businesses, for example, received investments. 

Our mission is simple: to help change that, to give overlooked entreprenuers the opportunities they deserve. 

It’s All About Social Capital

…or as some would say, ‘who you know’ matters. For some people, though, who you know isn’t a thing, meaning they’re shut out of the process, denied the chance to get the opportunities they rightly deserve. With Levels, we plan on helping out, working towards actual change. In short, we’re keen on transferring social capital from those who have it to those who need it.

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Leadership Team & Trustees

Michael de Giorgio is the co-founder and CEO of Levels
Nick Gold is the co-founder of Levels.
Duro Oye is the founder and CEO of 2020 Change.
Hannah Siaw is non-executive director at 2020 Change.

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Email: info@levels.org.uk
Number: 07518 571 891

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